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    The academicians work for Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation of Changxin Wu and Defa Li, who visit Shendi company, and carry out three-day research work on May 13, 2016.

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    Three experts are listening to the work report by the chairman Yang. From left, the second is professor Wu, who is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, animal genetic breeders, animal husbandry experts, professor of China Agricultural University.

    From right, the second is Professor Li, who is the Chinese Academy of Engineering, animal nutrition and feed processing scientist, professor of China Agricultural University.

    The right one is the professor of Shiyan Qiao, who is the director of National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, College of Animal Science Department of Animal Nutrition, professor of China Agricultural University.

    Academician of Defa Li and professor of Shiyan Qiao, who are site office for Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation to solve technical problems in research work.

    The academician of Changxin Wu is guiding the work at black feather and green shell of the company’s farms.

    The technicians of Shendi are blooding sampling of black feather and green shell.

    Academician of Changxin Wu is observating and taking notes carefully.